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10.1 Insurance options
For additional non-refundable fees, you may purchase from us All Inclusive insurance. This will reduce the Bond payable by you on a per incident basis unless the loss or damage is not fully covered by insurance, In af accident occurs before the expiry of the Rental Period you must pay additional fees for the remaining days of your hire. You are required to choose and pay for either "Standard Bond Liability" or "All Inclusive" for the remaining days of the rental period. The insurance options, cost per day, Bond & maximum collectable insurance options are set out as follows:
Alpha, Beta and Beta 2S

Cost per day Bond/liability Max Collectable*
Standard excess liability Included $3000 / $5000 Not Applicable
All Inclusief $30 No Bond $1200

Coverage Standard Liability All Inclusief
Damage caused by Single Vehicle Roll Over Nee Nee
Single Vehicle Accidents Ja Ja
1Windscreen Replacement Nee Ja
Window/Glass damage Nee Ja
Tyres, up to 2 replacements or repairs Nee Ja
Roof Nee Ja
Under body Nee Ja

10.2 You acknowledge that cover may be denied Standard excess or All inclusive insurance if:
(a) there is any water related damage such as vehicle submersion, creek or river crossing, beach driving or driving through low plain flooded areas;
(b) you breach the terms of this Agreement;
(c) you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
(d) damage is caused by careless or wilful conduct;
(e) you drive on restricted, closed, dirt or unsealed roads;
(f) the articles damaged are appliances or fixtures inside the Vehicle unless in the case of a motor accident.
(g) DAMAGE CAUSED BY SINGLE VEHICLE ROLL OVER. A single vehicle roll over is considered a breach of our terms and conditions and you will be liable for full recovery and replacement costs.

10.3 In the event of any accident you must immediately complete, in full, the accident claim form provided to you at pick up as part of your rental papers. You acknowledge that failure to provide complete and accurate details related to the accident will result in administrative fees of $330, and, where applicable, police report fees of $100.00 regardless of your liability reduction.

10.4 If you have an accident with All Inclusive Insurance and are found to be at fault there is a $100 Administration Fee.

10.5 4 x Berth Roof Pod - You are covered under The All Inclusive Option. However you are not covered if the damage is a single vehicle accident through negligence (this includes but not limited to damage through hitting other objects - car park roofs, trees, low lying structures etc)