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GoNorth Company Liability insurance up to $1,000,000.00 is included in the price of the vehicle rental. The mandatory CDW (Collision Damage Waver) reduces the drivers liability for Collision Damage to a $2000.00 deductible. This CDW does not include any coverage for glass and tire damage on the rental vehicles and camper units. For an additional fee, these items can be included in the coverage (VIP) and it also reduces the deductible to $500.00. Customers will be required to deposit these deductibles with GoNorth upon vehicle pickup. GoNorth will refund the deposit at the end of the rental period, provided that the vehicle is returned undamaged.

Road restrictions:
In general GoNorth vehicles are permitted on all public roads, including gravel roads, in Alaska and the Yukon. However GoNorth reserves the right to temporarily limit travel on individual roads or road segments based on changing conditions. These restrictions are generally based on travel recommendations issued by the Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT). Clients are expected to inform GoNorth immediately in case of a breakdown or accident.

A vehicle breakdown or accident can easily delay a trip by several days. Due in part to the large distances and remote locations involved, clients may spend several days waiting for a repair or replacement vehicle. GoNorth cannot be held responsible for delays or changed plans that are caused by an accident or breakdown.