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Personal Injury
The RV has third party insurance cover and it is likely that any other vehicle involved in an accident also has third-party insurance. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, the guest may be entitled to claim for their personal injury against the third-party insurance of the party responsible for the accident. The extent of such third-party insurance may vary and Apollo strongly recommends that all passengers take out their own Personal Injury Travel Insurance.

Property Damage
The RV is insured for damage to it and damage to the property of a third party. However, the guest is responsible up to the amount of the applicable Liability for damage to third party property, or to the RV. The guest is also responsible for the cost of the daily rate for the period the vehicle is being repaired. There is no refund for unused portion of the rental period. The Liability applies to each claim, not RV.
The Liability is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident is reported to Apollo by telephone on a credit card, not on return of the RV. Apollo reserves the right to charge the guest for any RV damage including Third Party property damage not reported but identified on return of the RV.

Standard Liability

Hitop, Endeavour,
Vivid camper
Cost Per Day Bond Liability
The Low Road Included $5,000 $5,000
The Middle Road $38 (max charge $1,900 i.e. 50 day rentals) $2,500 $2,500
The High Road
(Included in the Value Pack)
$45 (max charge $2,250 i.e. 50 day rentals) $250 $0
All Other Vehicles Cost Per Day Bond Liability
The Low Road Included $7,500 $7,500
The Middle Road $38 (max charge $1,900 i.e. 50 day rentals) $2,500 $2,500
The High Road
(Included in the Value Pack)
$45 (max charge $2,250 i.e. 50 day rentals) $250 $0

To keep this simple - the bond payment will depend on the liability option chosen. If the guest chooses to take ‘The Low Road’ or ‘The Middle Road’ the total bond will be debited to the Credit or Debit card immediately. When a Visa or MasterCard is used a 2% fee will apply; when an Amex or Diners is used a 4.5% fee applies or when Union Pay is used a 2.8% fee will apply.
If the guest chooses to take ‘The High Road’ the Bond is payable to Apollo by an open signed credit card imprint with an authorisation for $250. The credit card holder must be present to sign for the Bond when they pick-up the RV and is liable for any damage to the RV.
The Bond, and associated fees when a Visa or MasterCard is used, is fully refundable provided terms are met. The RV simply needs to be returned on time and full of fuel to the Apollo branch location booked. Credit card refunds including bond refunds can take up to 14 working days depending on the guest’s Financial Institution.
If there is damage to the RV on its return or any other terms of the rental contract have not been met, the Bond will be used to cover the cost up to the amount of the relevant Liability. If the terms of the Rental Contract are not met and the Bond is not sufficient enough to cover the damage, extra costs will be charged.
If a guest is continuing on with another Apollo RV booking, the Bond can be transferred to the next booking within New Zealand.

Full Responsibility

At all times the renter is responsible for:
• Damage caused where the terms of Rental Contract have not been met of the guest (other than when a third party admits fault and provides full contact and licence details).
• Damage caused by negligence and/or wilful conduct
• Damage caused to the RV in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water. It’s true, our vehicles can’t swim.
• Damage caused to tyres and windscreen except where ‘Value Pack’ or ‘WAP’ has been purchased and applies.
• Damage caused to the RV when using the RV in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
• Damage caused due to a single vehicle roll over.
• Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
• Damage caused due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
• Damage caused due to the incorrect use of snow chains.
• Damage to the slide out, awning or roof top tent of the RV.
• Damage to the underbody or overhead of the RV except where the Value Pack has been purchased and applies.